Features of the Easy Math For Kid's Program

Gladice Cheung OCT Mar 28, 2022

Perfect for homeschooled children, the Easy Math For Kid's virtual classroom offers elementary aged students an exciting new approach to math that will boost their confidence and let them have fun while learning!

In as little as 15 minutes a day, students can see significant improvement — all without using the conventional, abstract math that confuses so many children. 

Our aim is to support your homeschooling goals, in every way possible.  That is why our lessons are individually tailored to each student to give the learning outcomes desired by you, the parent. 


How the Abacus Homeschooling Program Works

Our program works by combining the use of an image abacus online and high-speed listening training in small virtual classes, one-on-one time with the teacher and guided, independent learning.   We help young children learn math easily and quickly, while having fun at the same time.

Other benefits of Abacus include:

  • Improve listening and processing abilities (auditory learning)
  • Develop fine motor skills (kinesthetic learning)
  • Visualization and mental processing skills (visual learning)
  • Boost focus and memory
  • Improve cognitive function

Besides helping children who have difficulties in learning traditional mathematics, the Abacus homeschool program helps give children the confidence they need to unleash their potential and gain not only superior math knowledge, but life skills as well.   Moreover, students will be able to develop mental math and strong foundational math skills which can in turn be useful in their everyday lives.


In-Class Virtual Learning

Students ages 4-5 are offered a parent and tot 45 minute session per lesson per week, and students ages 6-12 can take part in 1.5-hour lessons.  Our training offers interactive and engaging activities with a live teacher that will transform your child into an engaged and eager learner! 


Independent Learning

The rest of your child’s learning is done independently and improvement can be seen in just 15 minutes of practice a day.  By having a daily routine, students will be able to develop discipline and other life skills.


Teacher Support

Through back-end access, your child’s teacher can see if and when your child needs help or is ready for more of a challenge.  The teacher will also check in with you to ensure you are aware of your child’s progress. 


Fun, No Pressure Learning

Abacus online is designed to help your child learn at his or her own pace and support them in building upon what they already know.


Small Group Setting 

Our program is held in both small group settings and one-on-one time with the teacher.  This is beneficial to children as it allows them to connect with others socially, while also having time to work independently.


Additional Resource: Our Proven 3-Step Guide

Our Free Step-by-Step guide will help transform your child into an eager and engaged learner in all areas of their learning!  Simply enter your name and email and you will receive instant access to our guide and the abacus demonstration class video!  Click on the link below to download your free guide.

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