About Easy Math for Kids (formerly Abacus Uxbridge Inc.)

Our Story Begins in the Summer of 2010


Art of the abacus at home in Uxbridge

Uxbridge teen says abacus has helped with more than just his math skills.

Grand Opening Certificates


Uxbridge Cosmos Story


Mental Math Calculations Demonstration

A video of 6-year old students demonstrating mental calculations after receiving one year of ABS training from their teacher Michael Hardock. Former Uxbridge Mayor challenges ABS students.

Abacus Story on CBC TV News

CBC TV News reported on the growing popularity of abacus training in Canada. A few abacus schools took part in the abacus story, including ABS preschoolers, school age and seniors (60+) classes.

Brain Stimulation Program Launched in 2013


Uxbridge Times Journal article on ABS Abacus seniors' program.

Rogers TV Interview

Talk show host on daytime Rogers TV interviewed Annie Hardock and Jim Fleming on how abacus training has benefitted seniors.

ABOUT Easy Math for Kids

In the summer of 2010, Michael Hardock began teaching the Abacus program to young children in Uxbridge when he was still in high school. He received great recognition from parents who wanted their children to further their Abacus training. That was how the afterschool abacus program started in 2011 with the grand opening of a learning center in Uxbridge Ontario Canada. In March 2020, with the outbreak of COVID, Michael’s mom Annie pivoted the program online seeing the needs to help more students during the pandemic.

Fairchild TV Abacus for Seniors

Timeline Magazine at Fairchild TV explores various activities that provide benefits in mental health, especially for seniors. Interviews include local Uxbridge seniors, ABS Abacus teachers, and a neurologist. Although the video is in Chinese, most of the interviews are in English.

Uxbridge Abacus Whiz Kids


Uxbridge Times Journal article on Uxbridge students excelling with abacus.